Open Medical Laboratory Technologist jobs in Cincinnati, OH
Medpace jobs
Laboratory Technologist
Cincinnati, OH
$57K-$70K / yr. (est.)
Job Summary The Laboratory Technologist at Medpace Reference Laboratories plays a pivotal role in research based drug development within the pharmaceutical industry. Due to our recent growth, we are in need of qualified and focused driven individuals, like yourself! You would have the unique...
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Christ Hospital jobs
Christ Hospital
Scientific & Laboratory - Medical Technologist
Cincinnati, OH
$54K-$66K / yr. (est.)
At MedUS Healthcare, our vision is to become a necessary and exemplary partner in the care of our clients, while meeting the employment goals of our healthcare providers and their families. We believe that quality of care and quick delivery to our clients is not optional but, rather, a standard of...
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LabCorp jobs
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Cincinnati, OH
$41K-$50K / yr. (est.)
Are you an experienced Medical Lab Professional? Are you looking to embark on a new challenge in your career, or start your career in Medical Lab Science? If so, LabCorp wants to speak with you about exciting opportunities to join our team as a Technologist in Cincinnati, OH. In this position you...
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