Open Medical Laboratory Technologist jobs in Fort Dodge, IA
MLee Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting, Inc
Clinical Medical Technologist
Fort Dodge, IA
$69K-$84K / yr. (est.)
ASCP Medical Technologist Full-Time / Sign-On Bonus / Competitive Pay This location offers plenty for a true nature lover with stunning scenery. Low-cost housing, competitive compensation, good schooling, and year-round community-based activities are among the many appeals to this position....
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UnityPoint Health jobs
UnityPoint Health
Medical Lab Technologist
Fort Dodge, IA
$52K-$64K / yr. (est.)
Overview UnityPoint Health- Fort Dodge Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT/MT/MS) As Needed Perform all aspects of patient care in a laboratory environment that optimizes patient safety. Demonstrate ability to function in all areas of the clinical laboratory including blood bank, chemistry,...
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