Open Medical Laboratory Technologist jobs in Raritan, NJ
LabCorp jobs
Clinical Laboratory Technologist - Microbiology
Raritan, NJ
$53K-$65K / yr. (est.)
Are you an experienced Medical Lab Professional? Are you looking to embark on a new challenge in your career, or start your career in Medical Lab Science? If so, LabCorp wants to speak with you about exciting opportunities to join our team as a Technologist in Raritan, NJ. In this position you will...
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Global Channel Management jobs
Global Channel Management
Medical Lab Technologist
Raritan, NJ
$47K-$58K / yr. (est.)
Medical Technologist Specialist needs 1-3 years' experience within a cGMP environment. Medical Technologist Specialist requires: A Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, Biology or a related field of study 1st shift position, flexibility to work some weekends and over time as required. Minimum of...
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