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Mekanism Advertising Agency is an award-winning marketing agency and are greatly known for creating shareable content for great storytelling. Mekanism has its production animation and digital studio. At Mekanism, they follow a strategy that involves innovation, design, and storytelling because unlike any other advertising agency they believe in communication because communication creates better opportunities for a business to succeed. At Mechanism, they have a game-changing approach and great advertising strategy. One can be a part of Mekanism if you have a rare combination of being a strange and great person who enjoys coffee, and questionably shaped birthday cakes. The company strongly believe that their team plays an important role in what they are today and would like to have great minds to join their huge family at Mekanism. The job opportunities are Digital Marketing Analyst, Social Media Marketing Manager and many more.

Company - Private
$25M to $50M
Multiple locations
Advertising / PR Agencies, Consumer Research Firms
What departments Mekanism employees work at?
other occupation60.4%
Marketing / Advertising / PR39.6%
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Professional experience

How many years of experience do Mekanism employees have before joining?
Years of experience at Mekanism: Newcomers: 18%, Experiencers: 23%, Experts: 32%, Veterans: 27%. Mekanism employees have 5-8 years experience on average before joining.
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Where did Mekanism employees work before joining?
Where they've worked before Mekanism: Crispin Porter Bogusky, DDB, Digitas. Typical Mekanism employees have worked at Crispin Porter Bogusky.
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Crispin Porter Bogusky
What industries did Mekanism employees work in previously?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Mekanism: Advertising / PR Agencies, Consumer Research Firms, Paper & Print Manufacturers, Film Production Companies, Colleges / Universities. Mekanism employees most likely come from a Advertising / PR Agencies industry background.
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Where did Mekanism employees work before joining?
Past employers' size at Mekanism: Small: 52%, Medium: 23%, Large: 25%. Most Mekanism employees have previously worked at small companies.
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Educational background

What did employees at Mekanism study?
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Where did employees at Mekanism study?
Bowdoin College
Chicago Portfolio School
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Employee data

How long do people stay in a role at Mekanism?
Time employed at Mekanism: <1: 32%, 1-3: 51%, 4-8: 15%, 9-13: 2%, 14-20: 0%, 20+: 0%. Most Mekanism employees stay with the company for 1-3 years which is the same as the industry average.
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How does Mekanism rank for age & gender diversity?
Gender ratio at Mekanism: 54.0% Male and 46.0% Female. Age ratio at Mekanism: 16-20: 0%, 21-30: 58%, 31-40: 35%, 41-50: 7%, 51-60: 0%, 60+: 0%. Mekanism rates - 0.0% more female than the industry average. Most Mekanism employees are 21-30, which is below the industry median age range.
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What are the top roles at Mekanism?
Top roles of Mekanism: Creative Director, Art Director, Brand Manager, Producer, Copywriter. The top role at Mekanism is Creative Director.
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Creative Director
Art Director
Brand Manager

Career advancement

How does Mekanism rank for career advancement?
Career advancement at Mekanism: medium. Mekanism ranks medium for career advancement which is same as the industry average.
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What companies do Mekanism employees go on to work at?
Future employers of Mekanism: AKQA, Cutwater, Droga5, Epic Signal, Google. People who work at Mekanism most typically go on to work for the AKQA.
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Epic Signal