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Minneapolis Schools is an organization that provides education services. The organization offers families and students with a range of tools to make their education successful. Minneapolis Schools support its students' growth into knowledgeable, skilled, and confident citizens capable of succeeding in their personal, family, and work lives. The organization's mission to make sure that all students learn. Minneapolis Schools embraces diversity in its students, staff, and programs to accelerate learning. The school is serving students in Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth grade. Minneapolis Schools enroll more than 35000 students in public primary and secondary schools. The organization was established in 1878, and it is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Minneapolis Schools administers around one hundred public schools, including forty-five elementary schools, eight special education schools, nineteen alternative contract schools, and many more. With authority by the state legislature, the Minneapolis Schools board makes policy, selects superintendent, curriculum, personnel, facilities, and oversees the organizational budget. The school provides highly competitive benefits and other perks to its employees.

School / School District
$500M to $1B
Multiple locations
Niche Education
What departments Minneapolis Schools employees work at?
Education - Other43.9%
other occupation29.1%
Preschool / Primary / Secondary School Teachers11.1%
Community / Social Service5.6%
Education Administrators5.3%
Arts / Entertainment / Media5%
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Professional experience

How many years of experience do Minneapolis Schools employees have before joining?
Years of experience at Minneapolis Schools: Newcomers: 30%, Experiencers: 20%, Experts: 22%, Veterans: 28%. Minneapolis Schools employees have less than 3 years experience on average before joining.
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Where did Minneapolis Schools employees work before joining?
Where they've worked before Minneapolis Schools: AmeriCorps, Eden Prairie Schools, Edina Public Schools. Typical Minneapolis Schools employees have worked at AmeriCorps.
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Eden Prairie Schools
Edina Public Schools
What industries did Minneapolis Schools employees work in previously?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Minneapolis Schools: Niche Education, Elementary & Secondary School, Colleges / Universities, Social Advocacy Organizations, Child Day Care Companies. Minneapolis Schools employees most likely come from a Niche Education industry background.
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Where did Minneapolis Schools employees work before joining?
Past employers' size at Minneapolis Schools: Small: 44%, Medium: 21%, Large: 35%. Most Minneapolis Schools employees have previously worked at small companies.
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Educational background

What did employees at Minneapolis Schools study?
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Where did employees at Minneapolis Schools study?
Hamline University
Minnesota State University-Mankato
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Employee data

How long do people stay in a role at Minneapolis Schools?
Time employed at Minneapolis Schools: <1: 4%, 1-3: 20%, 4-8: 31%, 9-13: 15%, 14-20: 12%, 20+: 18%. Most Minneapolis Schools employees stay with the company for 4-8 years which is the same as the industry average.
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How does Minneapolis Schools rank for age & gender diversity?
Gender ratio at Minneapolis Schools: 40.2% Male and 59.8% Female. Age ratio at Minneapolis Schools: 16-20: 0%, 21-30: 28%, 31-40: 35%, 41-50: 20%, 51-60: 11%, 60+: 6%. Minneapolis Schools rates - 4.8% more female than the industry average. Most Minneapolis Schools employees are 31-40, which is on par with the industry median age range.
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Career advancement

How does Minneapolis Schools rank for career advancement?
Career advancement at Minneapolis Schools: very low. Minneapolis Schools ranks very low for career advancement which is same as the industry average.
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What companies do Minneapolis Schools employees go on to work at?
Future employers of Minneapolis Schools: Hamline University, Hennepin County, Osseo Area Schools, Richfield Public Schools, Robbinsdale Area Schools (in Minnesota). People who work at Minneapolis Schools most typically go on to work for the Hamline University.
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Hamline University
Hennepin County
Osseo Area Schools
Richfield Public Schools
Robbinsdale Area Schools (in Minnesota)