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Multiple locations




$5M to $10M


Computer Systems Design Companies, Consulting Companies

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q:What industry is Orb IT People in?
Sophie Hayes
q:What’s Orb IT People’s yearly revenue?
Liam Brown
$5m to $10m
q:does Orb IT People stick to pay days? Do you get your pay in due time?
q:How long did you work for Orb IT People?
q:Did you leave Orb IT People on good terms?
q:Minimum age of hiring at Orb IT People?
q:Where did you study before joining Orb IT People?
q:I’m curious what Orb IT People has to offer in terms of benefits?
q:can I wear shorts in the summer?
q:did you work at a big company before Orb IT People?
q:What do you think of Orb IT People?
q:Can someone help with info about whats it like to interview for Orb IT People?


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