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Parkview Health System is a community-based organization committed to improving health and well-being of the individuals. Parkview was initiated in 1995 and its early beginning traces back to Fort Wayne City Hospital established in 1878. The organisation is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, serving the northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio population of over 895,000. The organisation’s heritage of care and compassion persists with nine hospitals and a network of primary care and specialty physicians. Parkview extends its services in robust specialized areas covering Cancer care, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Neuroscience and Gynaecology. The organisation has 13000 efficient employees progressing as physicians, leaders and co-workers in diverse specialities. Parkview steps forward to yield employment, volunteering and student training opportunities depending on the interests of each individual. The organisation offers Total Rewards Program and Co-workers Bonus Program with competitive benefits comprising compensation, Medical Insurance, Retirement Insurance, Accidental Insurance and Voluntary benefits.

$1B to 2B
Multiple locations
General Hospitals, Outpatient Care Centers
What departments Parkview Health employees work at?
other occupation48.3%
Registered Nurses17%
Computer / IT7.7%
Heathcare - Other4.9%
Health Services Managers4.2%
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Professional experience

How many years of experience do Parkview Health employees have before joining?
Years of experience at Parkview Health: Newcomers: 22%, Experiencers: 18%, Experts: 20%, Veterans: 40%. Parkview Health employees have 8+ years experience on average before joining.
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Where did Parkview Health employees work before joining?
Where they've worked before Parkview Health: Dupont Hospital, Frontier Communications, Lincoln Financial Group. Typical Parkview Health employees have worked at Dupont Hospital.
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Dupont Hospital
Frontier Communications
Lincoln Financial Group
What industries did Parkview Health employees work in previously?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Parkview Health: General Hospitals, Outpatient Care Centers, Niche Health Practitioners Companies, Colleges / Universities, Home Health Care Services Companies. Parkview Health employees most likely come from a General Hospitals industry background.
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Where did Parkview Health employees work before joining?
Past employers' size at Parkview Health: Small: 32%, Medium: 17%, Large: 51%. Most Parkview Health employees have previously worked at large companies.
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Educational background

What did employees at Parkview Health study?
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Where did employees at Parkview Health study?
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne
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Employee data

How long do people stay in a role at Parkview Health?
Time employed at Parkview Health: <1: 7%, 1-3: 25%, 4-8: 35%, 9-13: 13%, 14-20: 10%, 20+: 10%. Most Parkview Health employees stay with the company for 4-8 years which is the same as the industry average.
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How does Parkview Health rank for age & gender diversity?
Gender ratio at Parkview Health: 34.5% Male and 65.5% Female. Age ratio at Parkview Health: 16-20: 0%, 21-30: 42%, 31-40: 28%, 41-50: 16%, 51-60: 11%, 60+: 3%. Parkview Health rates - 4.5% more female than the industry average. Most Parkview Health employees are 21-30, which is below the industry median age range.
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Career advancement

How does Parkview Health rank for career advancement?
Career advancement at Parkview Health: medium. Parkview Health ranks medium for career advancement which is above the industry average.
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What companies do Parkview Health employees go on to work at?
Future employers of Parkview Health: Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, DeKalb Health, Dupont Hospital, Indiana University Health, Lincoln Financial Group. People who work at Parkview Health most typically go on to work for the Cameron Memorial Community Hospital.
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Cameron Memorial Community Hospital
DeKalb Health
Dupont Hospital
Indiana University Health
Lincoln Financial Group