Program Supervisor (Family Behavior Therapy) job

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Program Supervisor (Family Behavior Therapy)
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Job Description

Service Delivery

  • Accept referrals from CYS.
  • Provide FBT to a reduced caseload of families.
  • Assume responsibility for monitoring service intensity for billing and regulatory purposes.
  • Review and assess protocol checklists to ensure all materials and tasks are prepared for sessions
  • To chair interagency meetings; accompany staff a family s home when required; and to serve as a substitute for a FBT Therapist in that person s absence.
  • Supervision

  • Provide clinical supervision and support to FBT Therapist providing mental health and support services to families.
  • Participate in the recruitment, interviewing and training of potential new employees; provide program and organizational orientation to new hires.
  • Participate in all FBT required training. Assure all materials are prepared for live video case consultations.
  • Meet regularly with FBT Therapists individually and as a group to assess quality of work and model fidelity; to provide feedback for improved services; assess job satisfaction; and to review case records for comprehensiveness and quality. Provide both formal and informal training for assigned staff. Training should be individualized, specialized and ongoing.
  • Provide live supervision and review of video- taped sessions to monitor model fidelity and provide feedback to FBT Therapists.
  • Approve staff hours worked, submit approved expense sheets and requests for resources to appropriate support staff/departments in a timely manner; partner with human resources and other support departments.
  • Develop action plans and submit performance evaluations for assigned staff for continued professional development to Program Director with recommendations for salary increases and advancement in a timely manner. Develop corrective action plans, with the support of the Program Director, as needed.
  • Have regular contact with assigned staff to ensure open lines of communication provide both verbal and written feedback; Be accessible to staff for communication.
  • Process all critical incidents with staff to provide feedback and/or support.
  • Compliance

  • Oversee and hold staff accountable to the systems developed to ensure compliance with documentation of all Program activities.
  • Oversee staff practices to ensure compliance with regulations/model fidelity in keeping with Pressley Ridge policy, procedure, values, and standards of professional and ethical conduct
  • Monitor services, case records and required paperwork to conform to state regulations and model fidelity.
  • Ensure assigned staff comply with the safety program.
  • Networking

  • Maintain collaborative working relationship with referral source (CYS) and other providers and agencies in the System of Care.
  • Develop a system of communication between programs and with other program supervisors.
  • Attend scheduled management team meetings, program development planning, supervisory meetings, etc.
  • Participate on program, agency, and system of care committees (i. e. quality improvement, Steering Committee, etc.) as assigned.
  • Cooperate and partner with all Beaver County CYS staff, including case workers, supervisors, and administrative staff to ensure satisfaction with program services.
  • Maintain professional affiliations and connectedness to others in the field through conferences, workshops and associations; maintain professional licensure.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping

  • Complete all required paperwork; submit to the Program Director all required program documentation and data in timelines prescribed by the Program Director.
  • Complete written work that is legible, accurate and use professional language meet timelines for submitting paperwork established by the program and organization.
  • Use written documentation to communicate effectively with peers, subordinates and supervisors.
  • Professional Development

  • Participate in available clinical and leadership training provided internally and externally.
  • With the approval of the Program Director, periodically attend local, state, or national conferences and workshops.
  • With approval of the Program Director, provide in-service/training to other programs.
  • This job was posted on Wed Jan 30 2019 and expired on Sat Feb 09 2019.
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