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Protegrity Inc is a data protection software company. The headquarter of the company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Protegrity Inc offers privacy protection, AI protection, and cloud protection services for the customers, consumers, and employees of the client company. The company has software products that included advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI technology that allows client companies to leverage data without worrying about putting customers, employees, or intellectual property at risk. It strives to secure the data behind the many operating systems to propels the businesses forward by giving a competitive advantage to the client company. It has over 120 professional and expert employees. Protegrity Inc is currently looking for a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Vice President of Product Marketing, Agile Project Manager, AIX Kernel Developer, Engineer QA, and Software Engineer.

Company - Private
$50M to $100M
Multiple locations
Computer Systems Design Companies, Software Publishing Companies
Suni Munshani
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Computer Systems Design Companies
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Professional experience

How many years of experience do Protegrity employees have before joining?
Years of experience at Protegrity: Newcomers: 10%, Experiencers: 10%, Experts: 15%, Veterans: 65%. Protegrity employees have 8+ years experience on average before joining.
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Where did Protegrity employees work before joining?
Where they've worked before Protegrity: ACCO Brands, Advanced Security Technologies, Amdocs. Typical Protegrity employees have worked at ACCO Brands.
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ACCO Brands
Advanced Security Technologies
What industries did Protegrity employees work in previously?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Protegrity: Computer Systems Design Companies, Software Publishing Companies, Computer Manufacturers, Niche Manufacturers, Design Firms. Protegrity employees most likely come from a Computer Systems Design Companies industry background.
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Where did Protegrity employees work before joining?
Past employers' size at Protegrity: Small: 25%, Medium: 14%, Large: 61%. Most Protegrity employees have previously worked at large companies.
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Educational background

What did employees at Protegrity study?
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Where did employees at Protegrity study?
Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India
Florida State University
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Employee data

How long do people stay in a role at Protegrity?
Time employed at Protegrity: <1: 26%, 1-3: 32%, 4-8: 27%, 9-13: 12%, 14-20: 3%, 20+: 0%. Most Protegrity employees stay with the company for 1-3 years which is the same as the industry average.
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How does Protegrity rank for age & gender diversity?
Gender ratio at Protegrity: 78.3% Male and 21.7% Female. Age ratio at Protegrity: 16-20: 0%, 21-30: 11%, 31-40: 33%, 41-50: 30%, 51-60: 17%, 60+: 9%. Protegrity rates - 8.3% less female than the industry average. Most Protegrity employees are 31-40, which is on par with the industry median age range.
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Career advancement

How does Protegrity rank for career advancement?
Career advancement at Protegrity: medium. Protegrity ranks medium for career advancement which is same as the industry average.
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