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Salary and Benefits

Research Scientist
$59K-$72K / yr. (est.)
$66,249 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About Research Scientist

What does a Research Scientist do?

In the role of Research Scientist, we prepare plans for different research projects to execute them within the deadlines as per the instructions of our customers. We design new strategies for researching and analyzing the information to meet the qualities standards of our customers. Functioning as Research Scientists, we are accountable for performing research in our specialized medical area. We coordinate with the researchers to validate their researches and approve them as per our nowledge. We also carry out the fieldwork to collect the samples if they are needed in the project. After collecting samples, we organize the information and data findings to provide them to our team members.

Core tasks:

  • updating the old research data
  • guiding the newly hired workers
  • serving as liaisons between the production staff and our teams
  • ensuring that the customer expectations are being met
  • working collaboratively with the waiting members


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming Research Scientist?
On average, people work 5-7 years in other positions prior to becoming a Research Scientist.
Graphic DesignerSan Francisco, CA - 7 months ago
๐Ÿ™„ It's not like I wanted to use my creative skills in becoming a Research Scientist. Why can't I just dive straight into it?
TeacherHouston, TX - 7 months ago
well, it makes sense! ๐Ÿ˜Œ Being a teacher for a while can definitely help develop the problem-solving skills necessary for a Research Scientist.
How Long Do Research Scientist Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, Research Scientists works in this position for 5+ years across multiple employers.
Marketing ManagerChicago, IL - 8 months ago
Oh please, it's not just about the years! It's about strategic thinking, creativity, and adaptability. This graphic oversimplifies everything!
Graphic DesignerNew York City, NY - 8 months ago
๐Ÿ™Œ Finally, someone recognizes the expertise it takes to succeed in our field! Trust me, it's not just about making things look pretty; it's about visual storytelling and problem-solving too!
What Is the Job Hopper Score for Research Scientist Employees?
Frequent job changes in Research Scientist, indicating a willingness to change companies and roles more frequently.
Research ScientistChicago, IL - 8 months ago
๐Ÿ˜กJob hopping in research is detrimental to the development of in-depth knowledge and expertise. Stick to one place and become an expert!
Research ScientistBoston, MA - 8 months ago
Yeah, but doesn't job hopping help us gain diverse experiences and expand our networks? ๐ŸŒAs a Research Scientist in Boston, I embrace change and growth!

Career path

Path to job

Discover a Research Scientist's areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.
Explore the list of higher education institutions that a Research Scientist typically studied at.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of California-Berkeley

Path after job



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of Research Scientist Employees?
Gender ratio in Research Scientist position: 0.657401805228 Male and 0.342598194772 Female. Age ratio in Research Scientist position: 16-20: 3%, 21-30: 51%, 31-40: 37%, 41-50: 7%, 51-60: 2%, 60+: 0%. Research Scientist position is predominantly male (65.7%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 31-40 years old.
Research ScientistPhiladelphia, PA - 8 months ago
I question the accuracy of these statistics. Are women not given the same chances to excel in this field or are they not as interested? ๐Ÿค”
Research ScientistDenver, CO - 7 months ago
Wow, 37% of Research Scientists are in the 31-40 age range? That's quite a crucial period for career growth. What implications does this have for younger and older scientists? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Who Are the Top Employers for Research Scientist?
Top employers of Research Scientist position: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Facebook. People who work in Research Scientist position most typically go on to work for the Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Research ScientistSeattle, WA - 7 months ago
Eli Lilly has been a supportive and inspiring place to work. I'm proud to be a part of their team. The negative comments here are ridiculous!
Research ScientistSan Francisco, CA - 7 months ago
Facebook is an innovative and exciting place to work. The negative experiences shared here are just a bunch of sour grapes!
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Eli Lilly
What Industries Does Research Scientist Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Research Scientist: Manufacturing, Education, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Health Care, Information Technology. Research Scientist employees most likely come from a Manufacturing industry background.
Research ScientistHouston, TX - 7 months ago
Yo, who needs your fancy industries when Research Scientists are rocking it in Health Care? We save lives, dude! ๐Ÿฅ
Research ScientistPhiladelphia, PA - 7 months ago
I heard Information Technology is the place to be for Research Scientists! Let's hack some data and find game-changing insights! ๐Ÿ’ป

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Discussion about Research Scientist

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Is Research Scientist a female or male dominated profession?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
35% are women in this profession only.
How old are people who work as a Research Scientist?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
People working as a Research Scientist are 30 old on average.
Is a Research Scientist considered to be a senior profession?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
You need 6 years of experience to work as a Research Scientist.
Which industries are highly likely to employ a Research Scientist?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
Manufacturing is the most frequent for a Research Scientist.
Is a higher education needed as a Research Scientist?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
Doctor of Philosophy degree is the typical for a Research Scientist
Which company are you working for as a Research Scientist?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Facebook, Gilead Sciences and University of Washington employs the most people in the Research Scientist role.
How many years do people work as a Research Scientist before changing their role?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
More than 5 years is the typical lifespan for a Research Scientist.
How likely is it for people working as a Research Scientist to switch companies still working as a Research Scientist?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
A Research Scientist is likely to work for multiple companies as a Research Scientist.
What jobs do people work in before becoming a Research Scientist?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Postdoctoral Fellow, Scientist or Research Associate are the typical prior positions for a Research Scientist
If Iโ€™m working as a Research Scientist, what next position could I have?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Working as Research Scientist consider Scientist, Assistant Professor or Principal Scientist as a next step in your career.
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