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Salary and Benefits

School Operations Manager
$51K-$62K / yr. (est.)
$57,235 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About School Operations Manager

What does a School Operations Manager do?

Working as School Operations Managers, we are responsible for managing the operations of an educational institution on a daily basis. We manage the working schedules for the teachers and learning schedules for students. To maintain an active and healthy environment in our schools, we organise special events and field trips for the students and give them a chance to enjoy their school life. In the role of School Operations Manager, we are liable for maintaining the public relationships with the different schooling systems to stay up-to-date with their latest changes and advancements. It is also our primary duty to ensure that the parents are being served in the most service-oriented and humble way to strengthen our relationships with them.

Core tasks:

  • managing the school operations
  • directing the school workers
  • updating the staff members about the latest changes in the school policies
  • ensuring that students are being provided with the best possible services in our area
  • guiding the newly hired workers


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming School Operations Manager?
On average, people work 5-7 years in other positions prior to becoming a School Operations Manager.
School PrincipalHouston, TX - 6 months ago
As a School Principal, I understand the significance of prior experience. School Operations Managers need a solid foundation, and multiple positions can provide a diverse skill set. 💪
Education Program CoordinatorMiami, FL - 6 months ago
5-7 years of experience in various positions before becoming a School Operations Manager? Are they trying to make it impossible for newcomers to enter this field? 😡 This practice can be discriminatory!
How Long Do School Operations Manager Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, School Operations Managers works in this position for 1-3 years across multiple employers.
Parent EducatorNew York City, NY - 6 months ago
I beg to differ! While it's true School Operations Managers may move around, they bring fresh perspectives from different schools and communities. This diversity of experiences can be valuable!
Teaching AssistantSan Francisco, CA - 6 months ago
i think it makes sense that School Operations Managers gain experience in various environments. It allows them to adapt faster & identify key challenges. 🤔 It's a valuable role that deserves recognition.
What Is the Job Hopper Score for School Operations Manager Employees?
Moderate job changes in School Operations Manager, showing some career movement without excessive turnover.
School CounselorNew York City, NY - 6 months ago
🤔 Well, I wonder if these job changes reflect difficulty working with school administrations or if it's just the nature of the role. Should we pay attention to potential issues?
SuperintendentMiami, FL - 6 months ago
I oversee the whole district's operation, and stability is crucial for effective management. It's concerning to see so much turnover in this role. 😡

Career path

Path to job

Discover a School Operations Manager's areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.
Explore the list of higher education institutions that a School Operations Manager typically studied at.
Arizona State University-Tempe
Florida State University



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of School Operations Manager Employees?
Gender ratio in School Operations Manager position: 0.44634703196347 Male and 0.55365296803653 Female. Age ratio in School Operations Manager position: 16-20: 6%, 21-30: 72%, 31-40: 14%, 41-50: 6%, 51-60: 2%, 60+: 0%. School Operations Manager position is predominantly female (55.4%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 31-40 years old.
School Operations ManagerPhoenix, AZ - 6 months ago
As a 51-year-old, I can't relate to this age distribution. What about the wisdom and experience we bring? 🤔
School Operations ManagerPhiladelphia, PA - 6 months ago
We need more diversity in this role. It's time to break the age and gender stereotypes! 💪


Who Are the Top Employers for School Operations Manager?
Top employers of School Operations Manager position: Charter Schools USA, Chicago Public Schools, Green Dot Public Schools. People who work in School Operations Manager position most typically go on to work for the Charter Schools USA.
School Operations ManagerHouston, TX - 6 months ago
Chicago Public Schools is overrated! Charter Schools USA provides better pay and opportunities for growth for School Operations Managers!
School Operations ManagerBoston, MA - 6 months ago
Charter Schools USA may be a top employer, but the workload for School Operations Managers is unrealistic! Green Dot Public Schools has a better work-life balance!
Charter Schools USA
Chicago Public Schools
Green Dot Public Schools
What Industries Does School Operations Manager Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of School Operations Manager: Education, Information Technology, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Finance & Insurance, Religious / Grantmaking / Civic. School Operations Manager employees most likely come from a Education industry background.
School Operations ManagerHouston, TX - 6 months ago
Well, sometimes we have to make difficult choices to maintain the financial stability of the school. It's about finding the right balance between providing quality education and staying within budget. 🤷
School Operations ManagerSeattle, WA - 6 months ago
The real problem lies in the inadequate funding for education as a whole. Instead of blaming each other, let's push for better governmental support and ensure our students receive the education they deserve. 🙌

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Discussion about School Operations Manager

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Do a lot of women work as a School Operations Manager?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
55% are women in this profession.
What is the typical age of people who work as a School Operations Manager?
Liam Brown3 years ago
The typical age is 28.
Is a School Operations Manager considered to be a junior profession?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
You need 6 years of experience to work as a School Operations Manager.
Which industries have a lot of people working in School Operations Manager roles?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
Administrative & Support is the most probable for a School Operations Manager to work in.
What kind of higher education a School Operations Manager need?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
As a School Operations Manager you’ll probably need Bachelor of Arts degree
Which company are you working for as a School Operations Manager?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
If you are a School Operations Manager you should definitely apply for Charter Schools USA, Chicago Public Schools, Green Dot Public Schools, Newark Public Schools and Seminole County Public Schools
How long do people usually work as a School Operations Manager when they switch to another position?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
2 years is the typical lifespan for a School Operations Manager.
How frequently people change companies if they work as a School Operations Manager?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
On average a School Operations Manager works for only a few companies.
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