As Web Developers, we are responsible for developing and designing websites. We manage all the websites assigned to us. We also create custom templates when needed. Learning and utilizing CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and such languages is part of our daily duty. We also collaborate with the management team for the maintenance and growth of the websites. We are also responsible for integrating data analytics and marketing automation tools with our websites. Working as Web Developers, we update websites regularly. We collaborate with data creation teams for the editing and writing of required data. Finally, we participate in various sessions and workshops to learn the latest market trends.

Core tasks:

  • incorporating customer feedbacks in upcoming updates
  • developing and maintaining various websites and designs
  • creating custom plugins and templates
  • analyzing technical requirements to determine user needs


Years on other jobs

How many years do people usually work on other jobs before becoming a Web Developer?
3-5 years
Years on other jobs
On average, people work more than 3-5 years in other positions prior to becoming a Web Developer.

Position lifespan

How long does a Web Developer work in this position across multiple employers?
3-5 years
Position lifespan
On average, a Web Developer works in this position for 3-5 years across multiple employers.

Job hopper score

How likely is a Web Developer to change companies while holding the same title?
Job hopper score
The job hopper score is High for a Web Developer.

Career path

Path to job

Prior positions

Most people held these titles before becoming a Web Developer.
8 %
Software Engineer
Avg. length of tenure:3 years
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6 %
Software Developer
Avg. length of tenure:2 years
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Fields of study

Discover a Web Developer’s areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.

Top educational institutions

Explore the list of higher education institutions that a Web Developer typically studied at.
Brigham Young University-Idaho
DeVry University-Arizona

Path after job

Subsequent positions

A Web Developer typically moves on to these titles.
15 %
Software Engineer
Avg. length of tenure:2 years
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7 %
Software Developer
Avg. length of tenure:2 years
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Web Developer age distribution

Gender ratio

Web Developer gender distribution


Top employers

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