Job boards
are so last century

And that’s why Lensa is different. Lensa helps employers and jobseekers connect to help facilitate meaningful conversations in real time.

We believe that finding the right people to fill your open jobs should be easy. No buying useless clicks that don’t result in hires. No wasted spend on job postings that give you all the wrong candidates, or worse: nothing at all.

job match, not job search

In today’s hyper-competitive hiring market, recruiters don’t have time to wait for the perfect applicant to come along. Or search through a million stale resumes on some old clunky job board. At Lensa, we believe that today’s recruiting tools and platforms can be smarter. Way smarter. And that’s why we invented InstaMatch.

With Lensa’s new InstaMatch (BETA) product, we can help you find the right person, and connect you both together immediately.

InstaMatch, Lensa’s new matching platform, instantly matches and connects hiring companies with active, qualified, and interested candidates so that your recruiters can have immediate hiring conversations.

how does instamatch work?

Millions of people have already joined Lensa to get great quality job matches delivered via email, and over ten thousand more join every day.

Using sophisticated matching and intelligent algorithms, InstaMatch uses your open job description and the jobseeker’s resume to see if there might be a fit. If there is, we invite the jobseeker to send their resume and contact details directly to you: immediately and in real time.

“InstaMatch helps hiring companies connect with active, pre‑qualified and interested candidates immediately.”

InstaMatch candidates can also be pushed directly into most applicant tracking systems. If you’ve got a big recruiting team, InstaMatch has you covered. It supports distributed candidate delivery to the individual recruiters who are working on filling their individual jobs.

We can pull the jobs right from your corporate careers page on your website. Or, you can provide us a file of open jobs, or even just provide a spreadsheet with the job titles and locations for positions you’re always trying to fill.

Our technology does all the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best - have conversations with active, qualified and interested jobseekers.

And the cool thing is - you only pay when we make a match.

how do i learn more?

InstaMatch is currently in private BETA as we continue to testing and refining our product. And we’re excited, because we’re already seeing great results and helping companies make hires.

Are you a recruiter or employer who’s looking to try something different?

If you’re interested in learning more and being considered for participation in our BETA program, we’d love to chat.

Fill out an InstaMatch enrollment form today and one of our Recruitment Advertising Consultant will contact you shortly.

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