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Promote your jobs to our
17M+ members

via email,
SMS, and site search

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Distribute your jobs to up
to 40+ partners

by industry
and job type

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Automatically publish
on Google for Jobs

Lensa will help you find talent
fast by exposing your jobs
in more places to help you get
more applications.


Easy to manage.

Green check iconOne flat price to promote all of your jobs
Green check iconNo long-term contracts - flexible monthly & annual plans
Green check iconDedicated support person to help you maximize applications
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Plus iconPriority job promotion to 17M+ Lensa members via SMS, Site & Email
Plus iconPublication to Google for Jobs and other search engines
Plus iconJob distribution to 40+ niche and general career sites
Plus iconWeekly or monthly performance reporting

Posting jobs to Lensa
is easy and effortless!

Lensa has several options to make posting
jobs to our site easy and effortless. We will
update your jobs on Lensa up to 2 times / hour
to ensure freshness.

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Job wrap from your
company career page

Automatically wrap your jobs
from your company career
site at no cost

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XML or CSV file
of your jobs

Parse and post jobs from
any source including XML and
CSV files or your ATS

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FTP site or third-party
recruiting platforms

Feeds from programmatic
platforms like Recruitics,
Appcast, and others

Who is Lensa?

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Who is Lensa?
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We are a career platform that empowers job seekers to make smarter decisions through job search and career pathing tools, knowledge, and professional resources.


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in just 2-3 business days.

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