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We aim to have a massive impact on humans looking for a job, striving for a meaningful career, but also on the industry by doing this. Our meaningful work is to serve you. And we’re happy doing it.

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Our story

The idea was simple: make it easy for professionals to land the job they’re ideal for! In 2015, after 15 years of experience and 4 successful exits in Europe, we moved to the US and launched the first version of Lensa.

We were not an instant success. The first year was particularly humble. We didn’t know the market well at first. We didn’t have fancy investors. Our website was confusing. We made a lot of mistakes… But we stuck with it. Listened to our customers. Improved our systems. Became experts on job matching. Traffic acquisition and user interface. Jobseeker engagement and data distribution.

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Our growth has been strong and steady, but we’ve kept our team small. We keep all of our development in-house. We have hundreds of thousands of new jobseeker sign-ups each month. We are bootstrapped. Profitable and growing fast. No investors to please. We love what we do.

We’re competitive. We want to be the best in our category. So, we’re always searching for better solutions. Analyzing our jobseeker data. Expanding our reach. Refining our UX. We stay busy.

We’re very, very comfortable with technology. Technology is what enables us to drive more value to our jobseekers. Technology helps power new and delightful experiences.

Our future

We look at the future of job search and see massive opportunities. We aspire to build a leading Jobseeker brand. A career intelligence platform where we tend to give you a clear picture on your job search and career path. With this platform, our aim is to tackle the problems jobseekers are facing today: the lack of relevance, transparency, personal interaction and support.

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We believe in using our technical capabilities to build services that are unique in the space. We provide tools to our users such as predicting their career paths. Helping professionals realize their full potential in their most suitable position, at the right employer, because everyone’s career matters. The people that help you with your career matter. We stand behind our product, we take pride in what we do.

We have over a million satisfied jobseekers and an excellent reputation among our partners. But we want to be better. We are about to raise the jobseeker experience to the next level. And change the industry forever.