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Eliot is seeking individuals interested in additional income, have scheduling flexibility to fill in for staff sick calls, vacation and planned time off..This individual will work side by side with Persons that have serious and persistent mental illness.

Eliot’s Adult Community Clinical Services, an integrated Team Model, which is multidisciplinary, flexible, and based on clinical assessment, will provide recovery focused treatment to individuals living in Eliot's residentialprograms. These teams are seeking behavioral specialist to provideinterventions and supports focusing on rehabilitation, behavioral health needs, and engagement in meaningful daily activities.


  • Provide side by side interventions to Persons that focus on problem solving, skills training, modeling behavior, optimism and encouragement. Assist the team and Persons in providing on-going assessment of symptoms and responses to staff interventions
  • Participate in the development of treatment plans and ensure that the Person is at the center of the process and that the interventions are clinically based. Support Persons in their desire for recovery and rehabilitation in the development of their goals.
  • Support the pursuit of services that are culturally competent, strengths based, recovery based, focused on rehabilitation and are inclusive of Person preferences. Ensure that interventions embrace Person preferences, are evidence based and utilize cultural/community resources.
  • Assist Persons in accessing Person resources and natural support to achieve goals. facilitate community integration according to Persons’ needs, desires and with consultation from supervisor and team staff.

Schedule: As needed

Pay: $15
green circle info icon  This position is open. This job was posted on Thu Sep 15 2022 and expires on Sat Oct 15 2022.
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
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